Services Sector Education and Training Authority

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (or Services SETA as it is more commonly referred to) was originally established in 2000 to ensure that the skills needs of the services sector would be identified and correctly addressed. The Services SETA committed to achieve this task by forming partnerships with various stakeholders and role-players and by implementing a focused business plan.

Ten years down the line, the Services SETA is still operating, but will change a little bit when the new SETA landscape comes into being in South Africa in March 2011.

How the Services SETA is set to change

The primary change envisaged for the Services SETA is that it will also incorporate the advertising and media sub-sectors from the existing MAPPP-SETA which currently incorporates media, advertising, publishing, printing and packaging, as well as arts and crafts and broadcasting. While media and advertising have been transferred to the Services SETA, broadcasting has been transferred to the Information and Communication Technology SETA, ICTSETA, and the arts and crafts sub-sectors have been transferred to the newly formulated Culture, Sport, Tourism and Hospitality SETA.

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The Service SETA and training levies

All sector education and training authorities (SETAs) were established in terms of the Skills Development Act (1998) and from the beginning of April 2000, were responsible for collecting levies from registered employers. These levies are vital for the funding of all the respective SETAs, of which there will be 21 from March 2011.

The Services SETA levies themselves have been collected by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) – via the Department of Labour – and then disbursed using a management system that has been motivated by skills requirement monitoring and assessment.

This has meant that any discretionary grants, bursaries or other monies payable to those qualifying for “service” education and training has been facilitated by this particular SETA.

Skill requirements valid to the Service SETA

Skills are vital for any services industry, and it is a primary aim of the Service SETA to make sure that all the skill requirements of the sector are identified. Further, it has the task of ensuring that adequate and appropriate skills are more readily available to a larger number of learners and those already in work who need to improve their skills and learning, and therefore their service potential.

At an early stage, the Services SETA undertook to achieve a more favourable balance between supply and demand – which had been identified as a huge problem. The SETA also undertook to ensure that education and training for the services industry in general was:

  • provided subject to validation and quality assurance, to ensure that the quality of service would be up to standard,
  • of a quality that would meet the agreed standards set by the national framework, and
  • of a standard that would ensure that any new entrants into the labour market within this sector were adequately trained within their own sub-sector.

Another primary aim was to ensure that the skills of the current work force (at that time and moving forward) was acknowledged and its skills enhanced by the SETA’s input and activities.

They are responsible for ensuring that learners have access to a relevant workplace experience and that there are internships and apprenticeships that will enable learners to improve their potential.

Where to find the Services SETAThe Services SETA is based in Parktown, Johannesburg in Gauteng.Telephone:  (011) 715 1801 Fax:  (011) 715 1819Email: Website:

Where to find the current MAPPP SETAThe media and advertising sub-sectors of MAPPP will be transferred to the Services SETA in 2011. Currently MAPPP is based in both the Western Cape, in Cape Town (Tygervalley) and in Gauteng, in Johannesburg (Midrand):Telephone:  (021) 910 3001/ (011) 234 2311 Fax:  (021) 910 3080/ (011) 234 2350Email: Website:  http://www.mappp-

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Services Sector Education and Training Authority SERVICES SETA 23/SERVICESETA/1/04/20

The valid Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes must be used for Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) purposes. The latest SIC Coding system can be found Here or at Statistic SA The Code for sseta is 23.

9001 Marketing services
9002 Marketing communications.
9008 Direct marketing.
34260 Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
50411 Decorating business /interior designers and decorators
50500 Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operators
61421 Import and export of various metals
75110 National postal activities.
75111 Banking via post office.
75121 Mail handling
84000 Real estate activities.
84100 Real estate activities with own or leased property.
84200 Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis.
84201  Real estate valuation services.
84202 Property management services.
84203 Estate Agencies
85000 Renting of machinery and equipment, without operator of personal and household.
85200 Renting of machinery and equipment.
85300 Renting of personal and household goods n.e.c.
86025 Office machinery, equipment and rental leasing
88130 Market research and public opinion polling
88141 General consulting services.
88910 Labour recruitment and provision of staff.
88916 Private employment agencies and temporary employment services.
88917 Temporary employment services.
88918 Permanent employment agencies
95120 Activities of professional organisations.
95155 Professional bodies n.e.c.
95991 Bargaining councils and dispute resolution
95992 Association, federations and umbrella bodies
96490 Other recreational activities.
99000 Other service activities
99002 General cleaning
99014 Quality management and related service.
99015 Non -financial business management and management consulting
99016 NGO management and service.
99018 Cleaning of carpet and upholstery.
99019 Cleaning equipment and consumable supply.
99022 Ladies’ hairdressing.
99023 Men’s and ladies’ hairdressing.
99024 Beauty treatment.
99025 Dry cleaning and laundering.
99026 Garden maintenance services.
99027 Domestic services.
99029 Function and catering equipment hire
99030 Funeral and related activities.
99033 Coffin making by funeral enterprises
99034 Manufacture of funeral and tombstones
99035 Miscellaneous item hire.
99036 Truck hire.
99037 Video hire
99038 Brand marketers.
99039 Generic project management
99041 Nail technology including nail technologists, nail technicians and distributors and agencies of nail products
99042 Non -allied registered perfumery including aromatic oils and related products, perfumery consultants, sale people and agencies of nail products.
99043 Health and skin care incl. health and skin care therapists, stress therapists and somatologists, slimming salons and distributors of slimming products including slimming machines.
99044 Make -up artists.
99045 Personnel service agencies
99046 Modelling agencies.
99047 Pet care.
99050 Distributors of slimming products including slimming machines
99051 Distributors of make -up products and related merchandise.
99052 Truck and plant hire.
99053 Valuers.
99054 Fashion design not related to clothing
99055 Call centre management of people.
99056 Event and conference management excluding the operation of convention centres.
99090 Other service activities n.e.c