Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Sector Education and Training Authority

The new CathsSETA.

Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Sector Training Authority (SETA) planned for 2011 will be an amalgamation of the Arts and Crafts sub-sector taken from the existing MAPPP SETA, strengthened with a focus on sport and tourism. It will also encompass the role currently played by the existing Tourism and Hospitality Sector Education and Training Authority (THETA).

This SETA will form an important role in the new SETA landscape planned by the South African Government and announced at the end of 2009.

The Government in South Africa hopes that the realm of education and training will be transformed by the new initiatives that relate to the SETAs (and the new SETA landscape) which promote education and learning for all.

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How MAPPP fits into the new Culture,Art , Tourism, Hospitality & Sport SETA

The Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Packaging (MAPPP) SETA is one of several sector education and training authorities that has been radically reorganised and split.

When the whole SETA system was initiated in South Africa in 1998, and then launched in 2000, the MAPPP SETA was set up to support and facilitate education and training in the fields of various media, namely:

  • advertising,
  • visual arts,
  • film and electronic media,
  • cultural heritage, and
  • publishing in general.

It was also expected to tackle the printing and packaging sectors which have more to do with technology and manufacture than creativity and production.

Like all the other SETAs founded on the Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies Act between 1998 and 2000, the MAPPP SETA was expected to raise the levels of skills in this particular sector – as it was defined at that time. This involved helping to deliver quality, accredited education and training, in all its various forms, from college courses and even online courses which were internet based, to the most basic short course you might imagine.

The general idea was to make this sector a lot more competitive within South Africa, and also sustainable in the global market.

In the new SETA landscape, only the arts and crafts sub-sectors of the old MAPPP SETA are included in the newly devised Culture, Sport, Tourism and Hospitality authority scheme.

How THETA fits into the new Culture,Art, Tourism, Hospitality & Sport SETA

The original Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority was also a SETA with a fairly wide spread. The new SETA focuses more heavily on sport and tourism specifically, but continues to promote hospitality and general training.

The new configuration will enable the CathsSETA Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality & Sport SETA to focus on these vital areas that are at the pinnacle for South Africa.

Following the old THETA commitment, it is clear that all training will be subject to high quality controls and generally aimed at the very best international standards. To this end, it is hoped that the new SETA will promote every relevant short course, management course (as it relates to the newly defined sector) as well as the most relevant college courses whether they are offered at colleges that students attend, or online courses which students access via the internet.  It is also hoped that the new SETA will be in a position to access discretionary grants and assist students to get bursaries, apprenticeships and generally get access to pre-professional workplace experience.

Where to find the new CathsSETA Culture,Art, Tourism, Hospitality & Sport SETA

This is a totally new SETA and so there are currently no contact details. However they will become an amalgamation of sub-sectors of the old MAPPP SETA and parts of the THETA SETA. These are contact current details for MAPPP and THETA.

Where to find the current CathsSETA

Currently MAPPP is based in both the Western Cape, in Cape Town (Tygervalley) and in Gauteng, in Johannesburg (Midrand):Telephone:  (021) 910 3001/ (011) 234 2311 – Fax:  (021) 910 3080/ (011) 234 2350Email: – Website:  http://www.mappp-

Tel: 011 217 0600Website:

Old Nedbank Building (ground floor)1 Newtown AvenueKillarney, 2193

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Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality & Sports Education and Training Authority CATHSSETA 25/CATHSSETA/1/04/20

The valid Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes must be used for Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) purposes. The latest SIC Coding system can be found Here or at Statistic SA The Code for CathsSeta is 25.

SIC CODE Activity Description
9003 Production of craft art
9004 Production of traditional art
9005 Production of designer goods
9006 Production of functional wares
9007 Production of souvenirs
11520 Hunting & trapping, including related services
64101 Hotels, motels, boatels and inns registered with SA tourism board
64102 Caravan parks and camping sites
64103 Guest Houses & Guest farms
64104 Hotels, motels, boatels and inns not registered with SA tourism board
64105 Bed and breakfast
64106 Management and operation of game lodges
64201 Restaurants or tea-rooms with liquor license
64202 Restaurants or tea-rooms without liquor license
64203 Take-away counters
64204 Caterers
64205 Takeaway restaurants
64206 Fast food establishments
64207 Other catering services n.e.c including pubs, taverns, night clubs
64209 Other catering services n.e.c
71214 Tour operators (Inbound and outbound tour operators)
71222 Safaris and sightseeing bus tours
71223 Safaris and sightseeing trip operators
73002 Inbound international flights
74140 Travel agency and related activities
84111 Time sharing
85110 Renting of land transport equipment
85111 Renting of land transport equipment including car rentals
8899A Event & conference management
88994 Biscope Cafes
93195 Operation and management of health and well-being centres incl. but not limited to hydros, spas, fitness centres etc
96000 Recreational, cultural and sporting activities
96002 Recreational, leisure and outdoor activities incl. management and operation of facilities, government departments
96140 Dramatic arts, music & other arts activities
96141 Activities of arts and entertainers
96142 Activities of theatre and entertainment technicians
96143 Production of ‘live’ theatrical and artistic events
96144 Activities of art councils and other related institutions
96190 Other entertainment activities n.c.e
96195 Operation and management of convention centres
96196 Amusement parks
96320 Museum activities and preservation of historical sites and buildings
96322 Provision and operation of monuments and  historical sites and buildings
96333 Game Parks, Reserves, incl. but not limited to wildlife, game, parks, game reserves, zoological establishments, botanical gardens
96334 Activities of conservation bodies
96335 Game Parks, Reserves, incl. wildlife, game, parks, game reserves, zoological establishments, botanical gardens
96336 Tourist info centres
96410 Sporting activities
96411 Operation and management of sporting facilities and clubs
96412 Operation and management of sport academies
96413 Promotion and management of sporting events and activities
96415 Management and operation of non-motorised sporting facilities
96417 Sporting activities inc. but not limited to sport federations etc.
96418 Management and operation of motorised sporting activities
96419 Operation and management of horse racing events and clubs and academies
96491 Operation and management of recreational nature and recreational transport actives
96492 The activities of casting for motion pictures, television and theatre productions
96494 Gambling, licensed casinos and national lottery incl. but not limited to book makers, totalisators, casinos, bingo operators
99028 Car hire
99048 Tourism authorities incl. but not limited to tourism marketing, tourist information centres, publicity organisations
99049 Guides incl. tourist river, mounting etc