Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority

The Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDPSETA) is a vital link in terms of the various South African SETAs that were set up between 1998 when the Skills Development Act was first promulgated and the SETAs began operating in 2000. For this reason the declared vision of the ETDP SETA has been to promote and facilitate the development and improvement of the skills profile of the education, training and development sector so that it will benefit not only employers, but employees and the full range of workers as well.

Ultimately, this SETA is also a vital link for the economy in South Africa as a whole, because it will result in a better educated and informed workforce with valuable workplace experience and ethics.

Challenges of the ETDP

While each individual Education and Training Authority (known more readily as a SETA) has a closely defined sector to focus on, the ETDP SETA has to focus on a much wider education and training base. So the challenges of this particular SETA have been immense.

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In general, the ETDP SETA has had a mission to promote, facilitate and develop education, training and development as a whole. Their aims have been to:

  • ensure that the skill levels of employees and workers are constantly raised and improved,
  • ensure that there is a healthy balance between supply and demand in the labour market across all sectors,
  • ensure that there are diverse and flexible routes that allow for all levels of both initial and later in-service education and training of the full spectrum of workers and employees involved in education and training,
  • make certain that a wide variety of different career paths are available to South Africans seeking employment,
  • improve the general quality of education and training – from college courses to every variable short course an establishment might seek to offer,
  • administer the required levy grant system efficiently,
  • effectively improve internal and external communications so that national human resources and skills development progress as rapidly as possible,
  • encourage dialogue and interaction between everyone in the sector – both private and public – in terms of training delivery and the transfer of skills,
  • make sure that workers and employees, as well as employers, all benefit from good quality training that leads to a higher productivity rate, and
  • encourage harmonious mutual dependencies between employers and their employees.

Ultimately, the ETDP is also responsible for liaising regularly with all the other b, as well as the Departments of Education and Labour, the National Skills Authority (NSA) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

How the ETDP will change

The ETDP will continue to focus on education, training and development in all its guises from the simplest short course to college courses that continue for several years. Sub-sectors that currently relate to non-Governmental organisations (NGOs), labour unions, community development and political parties will no longer be a part of the ETDP. These organisations will be dealt with as part of a totally new Social Security and Development SET

Values and commitments of the ETDP

The ETDP has committed to values that should be shared by all the SETAs in South Africa. These include a need for transparency and fair conduct; honesty and integrity; courteousness and caring; the ability to meet deadlines; the will and capability to promote equity amongst all its stakeholders; an ability to strive for continuous improvement; and the expertise for good, healthy co-operative governance.

Where to find the ETDP

The Education, Training and Development Practices SETA is based in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.Telephone:  (011) 628 5000 – Fax:  (011) 482 6419Email: – Website:

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Education, Training & Development Practices Sector Education Training Authority ETDPSETA 07/ETDPSETA/1/04/20

The valid Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes must be used for Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) purposes. The latest SIC Coding system can be found Here or at Statistic SA The Code for EtdpSeta is 7.

87110 General research e.g. CSIR.
87132 Research and development
92001 Pre -primary education and activities of after -school centres.
92002 Primary and secondary education.
92004 Education by technical colleges and technical institutions.
92005 Education by technikons.
92006 Education by teachers’ training colleges of education for further training.
92007 Education by universities.
92008 Education by correspondence and private vocational colleges.
92009 Other educational services – own account teachers, motor vehicle driving schools /tutors and music, dancing and other art schools, etc.
9200A NGO’s involved in education.
92010 Examination and assessment bodies.
95121 Professional organisations in education.
95200 Activities of trade unions.
95920 Activities of political organisations.
96310 Library and archives activities.
96311 Provision and operation of libraries of all kinds.