ICT has become MICT – This SETA has included Media Please see additional info here: MICTSETA

Information and Communications Technology Sector Education and Training Authority

In March 2011, the Information and Communications Technology SETA (ICTSETA) is to become an amalgamation of the existing Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies’ SETA (ISETT) and the broadcasting sub-sector of Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Packaging (the MAPPP )SETA.

However it will continue its mission to develop South Africa into an information and communications technology (ICT) knowledge-based society, in keeping with world trends. Clearly it aims to do this by encouraging more people to develop skills in the ICT sector so that they can contribute to the economic growth of the country as a whole.

The responsibility of ICTSETA and other SETAs

The primary function of the SETAs which have been in existence since 2000, two years after the Skills Development Act was promulgated as law in South Africa, is to raise skills to increase employment opportunities and generally improve the economy of the country. They are expected to do this within the framework of the National Skills Development Strategy that applies to every single sector, including ICT.

Since there is no value in education or training unless people are able to use the skills and expertise they have been taught, it is up to the SETAs to ensure that whatever college courses or courses offered by other institutions or organisations, are relevant to the sector they are promoting.

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The skills and therefore the education and training required for working in the ICT sector are specifically geared to:

  • Information technology (IT)
  • Information systems
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting

The ICTSETA is expected to ensure that there are available training and skills opportunities for young people wishing to make a career – and therefore a living – from a sub-sector within ICT. But it also has a responsibility to provide critical education and training that will enhance and improve the skills and knowledge of those already working in the industry. This might be in the form of a short course, various college courses, or even accredited online courses.

Training is expected to be to specifically agreed standards, within the existing National Qualifications Framework, so that wherever a person receives their ICT training (in whichever part of the country or at whatever institution or college) their qualifications will be accepted elsewhere as being suitable for employment. This is why it is so important to opt for courses that are accredited by SAQA, or bodies accredited by SAQA to approve accreditation.

Implementation of the Sector Skills Plan

To be able to generate, facilitate and accelerate skills development processes for workers at all levels, the ICTSETA plans to link future technology trends with new skills development programmes.

At a more grassroots level, ICSETA and all other SETAs are expected to:

  • establish learnships
  • assist in the development and establishment of learnership agreements – and register them
  • identify workplaces that will provide a meaningful workplace experience
  • approve skills plans for relevant workplace experience
  • support the development of learning materials
  • allocate discretionary grants to employers, education and training providers and workers in the correct manner prescribed
  • collect and disburse levies (which might include money in the form of bursaries)
  • monitor education and training with the specified sector

They are also expected to liaise with national bodies including the National Skills Authority and the Department of Education, and any education body that has been legally established to regulate education and training within South Africa.

The Information and Communications Technology SETA (ICTSETA) will comprise the existing Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies (ISETT) SETA as well as one sub-sector of the Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Packaging (MAPPP) SETA.

Where to find the ICTSETACurrently ISETT is based in Midrand:, Johannesburg, in GautengTelephone:  (011) 805-5115 – Fax:  (011) 805-6833Email:  oupa.mopaki@isett.org.za Website:  http://www.isett.org.za

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Currently MAPPP is based in both the Western Cape, in Cape Town (Tygervalley) and in Gauteng.Telephone:  (021) 910 3001/ (011) 234 2311 Fax:  (021) 910 3080/ (011) 234 2350Email:  sekgana@mappp-seta.co.za – Website:  http://www.mappp- seta.co.zawww.lessons.co.za